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Lets Rock

Welcome to Rock N' Roll Rodeo. This will be your application to join our community. The first 3 people to apply will be accepted, even if they are only of moderate rockness. We gotta start somewhere.

First - We need at least 2 pictures of you. You have to look Rock n Roll. You don't have to be beautiful to be Rock N' Roll, in fact, sometimes it helps to be a bit ugly.

1. Name -

2. Rockstar Name -

3. Location -

4. Music -

5. Style -

6. Influences -

7. Do you like Guns N' Roses? -

8. How big is you Belt Buckle? -

9. Sideburns? -

10. How much Whiskey/Gin/Vodka can you consume in one night.

11. Drugs? -

12. Play any instruments? -

13. Are you in a band? -

14. Who do you think would win in a fight between Lemmy and Axl Rose?

15. Why do you think you're Rock N' Roll?
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